Authorized Service (in or out of warranty)

Apple Authorized Service Provider logoConnecting Point SERVICE is an Apple Authorized Service Provider for the entire Apple product line. This includes iOS devices like iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. Whether your computer or other Apple product is in or out of warranty, has AppleCare Extended Service Plan or not, we are ready, willing, and able to take care of all your Apple service needs.

Are all Apple repairs performed in-house?
No. Our contract with Apple forbids us from performing certain repairs in our service department. This is particularly true with devices like iPhone and Apple Watch – some repairs we can do; others we are simply not allowed to do. We should emphasize this is not our choice, but Apple’s. When a repair cannot be performed in-house, we send it to an Apple service center.

HP Authorized DealerConnecting Point SERVICE is also an authorized service center for HP Pavilion/Compaq Presario computers. Whether your system is in or out of warranty, we’ll do whatever it takes to get it back up and running again. If your HP or Compaq computer is under warranty, and was purchased elsewhere, please bring a dated sales receipt with you to our Connecting Point SERVICE check-in counter.

Contact Connecting Point SERVICE for assistance.

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